Frequently Asked Questions

1.How close to Toronto is New Renaissance Academy?

New Renaissance Academy is in the City of Vaughan, a part of the Greater Toronto Area.

2.If I want an Arts preparation program, can New Renaissance Academy help me?

New Renaissance Academy focuses on preparing students for a university program in Business, Engineering and Technology. A student may also apply to an Arts faculty but will not receive the preparation a comprehensive school might give.

3.Will Canadian Colleges and Universities accept the New Renaissance Secondary School Diploma?

New Renaissance awards the Ontario Secondary School Diploma – the provincial diploma of the Province of Ontario. The OSSD is not only recognized in Ontario but the rest of Canada and around the world.

4.How Will Canadian Colleges and Universities Know About New Renaissance Students and How Will Students Know About the Universities to Which They Should Apply?

Our New Renaissance Academy’s university liaison team has developed close relationships with canadian universities and colleges. Representatives from several key universities and colleges are invited to visit the school and speak with grade 11 and grade 12 students. Visits to the University of Toronto and other universities close by give our students a chance to see first-hand, the nature of the universities to which they might apply.

5.Am I able to send my documents to New Renaissance electronically?

Yes. Please fill out the electronic application form when you apply. Scan and send the documents that we require. You will be asked to bring the originals when you arrive just before the beginning of the semester.

6.Where will I live if my home is too far away?

Canadian students, permanent residents or international students may live with a relative or friend that has been asked to do so by their parents. Students without a friend or relative with whom to stay will live with a Canadian family. (This is called Homestay). New Renaissance Academy has made an arrangement with Canada Homestay network to provide homestay families. All of our homestay families are vetted and closely monitored to ensure our students have the best stay possible.

7.What Are Your Semester Intakes?

Semester 1 begins the day after the Canadian labour day holiday. In September 2020 the semester will begin on September 8th. Students may arrive up to one week after the start of the first semester. Semester 2 begins February 1st. If you are an international student who would benefit from an intense academic english language program or a local student needing to brush up on your writing and reading skills, you may also take advantage of our on-line English as a Second Language credit courses or by attending our English Language Institute while waiting for the next semester to start.

8.Can students apply for 1 semester or 1 year of study?

Absolutely. Some students come with a group from their school or individually and sanctioned by their school. It is seen as a great cultural experience. Other students may come just for grade twelve or come for one year in another grade just to see if Canada and New Renaissance Academy is right for them.

9.What Are the Application Deadlines?

There are no deadlines, however, the timing of your application will determine the starting date at the school.


The earlier a student applies, the greater the chance of being accepted. Students who wait until the last minute may find the grade or the educational pathway they have chosen is already full and the student may be placed on a waiting list.


Local students might wish to visit our admissions office and discuss starting dates as well as developing a program plan for the future.


International students who have received a letter of acceptance and must apply for both a visa to come to Canada and a study permit giving the student permission to study in Canada. In order to arrive on time, international students should consider the length of time that it might take to receive a visa and study permit after the student has been accepted at New Renaissance Academy.

10.To Whom Do I Send The Application Form?

Please send your completed application form along with the documentation required, either by fax, mail to the Director of Admissions, New Renaissance Academy or simply follow the directions on the electronic version under the Admission section of the website.

11.What’s The Best Way To Submit An Application?

Whether you are a local student or an international student, your initial application may be submitted either by fax, mail or through an electronic application form found on the Admissions portion of the website.

12.Do you have a list of all documents required for the application?

Please see the admissions section of the website.

13.How Do I Submit My Transcripts?

Either electronically or by fax or mail and by following the instructions found in the International Student Admissions website.

14.How And When Can I Pay The Application Fee?

The application fee of $500CAD is required when your application is submitted. This fee is non-refundable.


You will receive a conditional Letter of Acceptance. The acceptance is conditional on you accepting New Renaissance Academy’s offer and submitting the tuition fee and other relevant fees. You will also find enclosed a statement of tuition fee and other costs. That payment is required before receiving the official Letter of Acceptance enrolling you as a student at New Renaissance Academy. Please see the Banking information on the Admissions section of the website.

15.How long does it take to know if I have been accepted or not?

If the application is complete and all of the documentation is included, the decision will be made within 3-5 business days. If some parts are missing, the decision will be delayed until the application is complete and all of the documentation is submitted.

16.How much time do I have to make a decision on acceptance?

New Renaissance Academy understands the importance of the decision parents and students are considering. New Renaissance Academy does not put a timeline. The conditional Letter of Acceptance simply indicates that you are the type of student we feel will fit in with our school. When you indicate acceptance, and send all of the relevant fees, an official Letter of Acceptance is sent to you and your name is added to our student enrollment. The only caution is that if you wait too long, the course you wish to take might already be filled.

17.Are there any IELTS requirements for International students?

New Renaissance Academy encourages students to take an IELTS test before applying to any school in Canada, however, this is not a requirement. When you arrive, New Renaissance Academy will also ask you to be tested in English – reading, writing, speaking and listening. Taking such a test is a requirement by the Ontario Ministry of Education for students attending any school in Ontario.

18.I Will Be An International Student. I Have Finished Grade 11 In My Home Country. Can I Be Accepted For Grade 12 And Graduate In One Year With The Ossd?

Yes. When you send your transcripts along with your application form, New Renaissance Academy’s staff will evaluate the courses you have taken and the marks you have received in your home country. After assessing your transcripts, New Renaissance Academy will award you equivalent credits for up to twenty-four courses taken in the school you attended in your country. The twenty-four courses will include eight (8) in grade nine, eight (8) in grade ten and eight (8) in grade eleven. Being able to graduate in one year will depend on you. Those who work hard and have the one year entry to university as their goal usually will be successful. Other students needing to improve their English will take a longer time.

19.Do you offer Custodianship services?

Many students already have a friend or relative with whom they will stay. That friend or relative will usually be the custodian (guardian). Students without a friend or relative may take advantage of the New Renaissance Academy’s custodianship program.

20.Do you help students with Visas and Study Permit Applications?

New Renaissance Academy cannot guarantee that your application for a visa to enter Canada and the permission to study, in Canada, will be successful. However, if you send us a copy of your application form when it is completed, we will look at it and offer advice if needed before you send it to the Canadian Embassy, High Commission or Consulate for approval.

21.Do I need an Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) to study at New Renaissance?

It depends on which country you are arriving from. An Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) is a new entry requirement for visa-exempt foreign nationals flying to or transiting through Canada. Only travellers from countries who do not require a visa to visit Canada are required to get an eTA, and only if they are travelling to Canada by air. If you’re from a visa-exempt country visiting Canada by land, you do not need an eTA. If you are from a visa-exempt country and have been granted a study permit , IRCC will automatically issue you an eTA when they accept your study permit application.

22.What Is Your Average Class Size?

Our average class size varies between 15 and 20 students.

23.Do I have to wear a uniform?

Yes. In order to maintain a degree of decorum appropriate to a serious academic environment, New Renaissance Academy requires all students to wear an approved uniform throughout the academic school day. Details on New Renaissance Academy uniform policy are available in the Student Handbook.

24.Does New Renaissance provide Airport Pick-up?

Yes. Students arriving by train or air will be met and taken to the school or if necessary to their homestay family upon arrival.