Student Services

Integrated Care

Integrated Care


New Renaissance Academy recognizes the importance of attention to the social and emotional needs of our students regardless of faith, cultural, or racial or ethnic background by ensuring all of our students are recognized and respected for who they are. Students at New Renaissance Academy come from both our local community and farther away. Our counsellors recognize the unique needs of students whether they come from farther away, in Canada or internationally.


Counselling – General


Our student counselling services consist of three areas. Our counsellors assist students with the proper selection of courses that will lead to their preferred pathway to university. Our counsellors also assist students with their university application during their senior year in grade twelve. There are also times in a student’s life at school where they need someone to talk with when they are in need of advice. Our counsellors are also trained to help students with emotional or social support when required.


Culturally Specific Officers


Our Community Liaison (counselling) staff is chosen to represent the backgrounds of our students. We are proud that we can offer both professional and culture specific services to all of our students. We are able to offer counselling services to our students from our local community as well as culture specific by language group. We have counsellors, on staff that speak English, Chinese (Mandarin and Cantonese) as well as Persian and have on call staff representing other language groups that make up the nature of our student body.


University Liaison


Our University Liaison Program, staffed by experienced educators, with connections to Canadian universities and colleges, offers both an academic program and individual counselling program to ensure each graduating students receive the best advice.