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New Renaissance Academy

New Renaissance Academy (BSID885599) is a private school inspected and authorized by the Ministry of Education in the Province of Ontario to grant credits towards the Ontario Secondary School Diploma. Located on a campus lined with towering trees in a serene environment, New Renaissance Academy offers a secondary school program (Grades 9 – 12) consisting of both on-site and on-line opportunities.

Highly qualified, certified teachers focus on developing the potential of all of our students. Well-equipped facilities and teaching resources, together with well-managed student services, ensure our students have a safe and caring learning environment.

New Renaissance Academy English Language Institute also offers intensive and enhanced English language programs, IELTS training and university preparatory programs.

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Educational Excellence

New Renaissance Academy is dedicated to preparing students through critical thinking skills and engaging curriculum to become globally minded citizens. These attributes will enable them to become leaders in their university of choice and in life. Each day we aim to inspire students to love learning.


New Renaissance Academy is a Canadian Secondary School that grants credits toward the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD).

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Student Services

Our counsellors assist students with the proper selection of courses that will lead to their preferred post-secondary pathway to university. They also assist students with their university application during their senior year in grade twelve. They are trained to help students with emotional or social support when required.

Meet our Principal

Principal's Message

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to New Renaissance Academy, in the city of Vaughan, Ontario. Our campus is on 4 acres of beautifully landscaped property. We have huge, state-of-the art classrooms. Our Ontario Certified Teachers are all forward thinking in their approach to education. With over 50 engaging Ontario Secondary School courses offered either online or on-site (in person), students have lots of choices as to what they learn and how they learn. Our English Language Institute provides excellent programming for English Language Learners from ESL courses, tutoring, to IELTS preparation and testing. We offer a rich variety of extra-curricular events from sports activities, fencing, volunteer opportunities, drama to debate clubs to enhance our students’ experience during their high school year. We have something to engage every student in our school.


At New Renaissance Academy, we also proudly prepare students for excellence, focusing on entering the fields of Business, Engineering and Technology. Guest professors and visitors in these disciplines will further enhance the learning opportunities for all our students. The New Renaissance teachers will prepare our students through knowledge acquisition, thinking and writing skills to excel in the university of their choice and eventually the careers of their choice. Our objective, through our high academic standards and rigorous educational program, is to make our graduates successful in any university in Canada and around the world.


We are very proud of our student body, with local and international students learning side by side and challenging each other to be the best they can be by thinking globally. The New Renaissance staff and I can’t wait to welcome you to our school.

Mrs. Anna Gemmiti

Our Focus

Academic Pathways at New Renaissance Academy

New Renaissance Academy is unique in its focus on courses leading to Business, Engineering and Technology. Working with university professors, New Renaissance Academy has developed pathways to Canadian university faculties that lead to Business, Engineering and Technology. In all three pathways we empower our students to become problem solvers and strategic thinkers, so they become 21st century forward thinkers through our sound pedagogy and hands-on learning. They will become the leaders of tomorrow. 

Business Pathway

Business influences major decisions in every aspect of our lives. At New Renaissance Academy, we want our students to be informed consumers, to understand finances and learn how businesses run and maybe, eventually operate their own business. Many students will be the business leaders of tomorrow. New Renaissance Academy, through its business pathway, prepares our students for acceptance to major Business Schools in Canadian Universities. 


Engineering Pathway

Design a bridge, build a dam, create a housing development? This cannot be done without an engineer. We will have guest professors from across the globe speak to our students about different aspects of Engineering so that our students will have a deep understanding of what is involved in the engineering field. New Renaissance Academy’s engineering pathway prepares our students for acceptance to major Engineering Schools in Canadian Universities.

Technology Pathway

Technology is an ever-changing discipline that studies the theory, design, and implementation of computer applications and systems. Technology will continue to evolve and New Renaissance Academy will align our courses to these advancements. Our students will work on unique projects to showcase their understanding of how technology runs the world. The pathway for information technology at New Renaissance Academy prepares our students for acceptance to major Information Technology Schools in Canadian Universities. 

Lisa Yan


I can’t say enough about how much I appreciate New Renaissance Academy. It is a caring community with professional and devoted teachers who tirelessly offer academic guidance to my child. My child has grown in ways I could never have imagined and has been nurtured in all aspects of his life.

Andrew Mah


The programming at New Renaissance Academy is exciting and diverse and I really appreciate the counsellors who communicate regularly with the students and all the parents!

Maggie Liu


New Renaissance Academy has been a very caring and educative environment for our students. Our OSSD programs are top-notch programs developed by experienced certified teachers in Ontario. The student service department ensures that our students are strong competitors for any program of their choosing in university or college.

Traditional and Modern Learning

Our Programs

Our On-site OSSD Program

Students in the On-Site Program will attend New Renaissance Academy, in the City of Vaughan, in the Greater Toronto Area. Our school is the host to highly achieving secondary school students who would like to pursue university and college studies, in the fields of Business, Engineering and Technology.

Our On-line OSSD Program

New Renaissance Academy's On-line Program offers fully online synchronous and asynchronous OSSD (Ontario Secondary School Diploma) credit courses to students all over the world. Students in our On-Line Program may take courses from home, school or wherever they choose (other facilities). There is no need to attend New Renaissance Academy itself. International students taking an on-line course who study from home do not need a visa or study permit to take courses on-line. Successful students will earn a credit for each course taken and passed. The courses will carry the same value as an on-site course and be recognized as such by colleges and universities. The length of time to complete courses is flexible, where students learn at their own pace.

Advantages of Our On-Line Program

  • Continuous enrolment, start whenever or wherever you are 
  • 24/7 access from anywhere in the world 
  • Engaging curriculum with differentiated instruction 
  • Individualized approach to learning to achieve success and independence 
  • Students take responsibility for their own learning 
  • Flexible on-line learning opportunities 
  • Individualized attention from the teaching staff 
  • Quick marking turnaround time
  • We accommodate students who are missing one or two credits to graduate
  • We accommodate students who are missing for university/college entrance
  • Supportive staff to answer questions you may have

On-Site Programs

New Renaissance Academy’s On-Site Secondary School Program offers courses from grades nine – twelve. Graduates will receive the Ontario Secondary School Diploma.

On-Line Programs

New Renaissance Academy’s On-Line Secondary School Program leads to earning an Ontario Secondary School Diploma. This program is available to all students both local and international who wish to or need to acquire credits toward their Ontario Secondary School Diploma.

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