New Renaissance Academy

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With a visionary approach, New Renaissance Bilingual School provides students with an enhanced bilingual English-Chinese or English- French immersion learning environment. The English and French curriculum is based on the Ontario Ministry of Education elementary curriculum. The Chinese curriculum is developed  from the International Curriculum for Chinese Language Education, supplemented by Chinese Proficiency Grading Standards for International Chinese Language Education, Language Curriculum Standards for Compulsory Education (2022 edition). We reference to Youth Chinese Test (YCT) Curriculum and New Chinese  Proficiency Test (HSK) Curriculum. Our school is committed to fostering the growth potential of each of our students in a challenging, rigorous and engaging environment. Through a bilingual and multicultural immersion environment, students from different cultural backgrounds will learn about, experience, and appreciate both Chinese and Western cultures.

 Through our bilingual English-Chinese or English-French immersion program, New Renaissance incorporates innovative educational concepts, fosters bilingualism and multicultural literacy, helps students understand the world, develop cross-cultural adaptability and collaborative skills, and become responsible global citizens.

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Our Bilingual program is based on the Ontario Ministry of Education Elementary/Junior curriculum, and our school has created a Chinese curriculum and teaching methods that are seamlessly integrated with English for students of all ethnicities in Canada. The English-Chinese and English-French bilingual program allows students to be fully immersed in a bilingual environment and to transition between the two languages with ease.

Our school has first-class technology facilities, quality teaching, equipment, and professional teachers who are passionate about education, laying a solid foundation for cultivating high standards for our students.