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New Renaissance Academy

New Renaissance Academy is located on 4 acres of land in the City of Vaughan, in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), in the Province of Ontario. The City of Vaughan represents the multicultural nature of Canada with people of many cultural backgrounds and faiths, living, learning and working together in harmony, as Canadians epitomizing the best part of Canadian society.


Our school offers courses leading to earning an Ontario Secondary School Diploma. We focus on preparing students for acceptance in the faculties of Business, Engineering and Technology. We are ideally located in a quiet suburban environment with easy access to the University of Toronto, York University, Ryerson University and Ontario Tech University.

We are also within driving distance of Brock University, McMaster University, Laurier University, University of Waterloo, Western University, University of Windsor, Queen’s University, Carleton University and the University of Ottawa.


New Renaissance Academy is close to downtown Toronto, Pearson International Airport, Sports venues: Toronto Raptors (NBA), Toronto Blue Jays (MLB), Toronto Maple Leafs (NHL) and Toronto Football Club (MLS) and major cultural centres: Art Galleries, Museums, Science Centre, Opera, Theatre, Pioneer Village and many more. 

Mission and Vision

New Renaissance Academy is dedicated to preparing students through critical thinking skills and engaging curriculum to become globally minded citizens. These attributes will enable them to become leaders in their university of choice and in life. Each day we aim to inspire students to love learning.


– Inclusiveness 

– Creativity 

– Life-long Learners 

– Empowering Students to Take Hold of their Future 

– Creating a Leadership Mindset 

– High Expectations through our Engaging Curriculum

Our Uniqueness

Since 1978, the Founders of New Renaissance Academy have established and operated Ontario Secondary Schools successfully focusing on international students, which have gained the support and trust of government, parents and the public.

New Renaissance Academy is unique in its focus on Business, Engineering and Technology pathways. We collaborate with university lecturers to prepare our students to enter these faculties. We also provide our students the opportunity to audit a class in a university setting to enable them to make a more informed post-secondary decision.

Our strong team of experienced certified Ontario teachers develops and cultivates the potential of our students for future university education through the selection of engaging courses and programs. This will prepare the students for admission to world class universities.

Our secondary school courses prepare our students with the necessary skills and knowledge to succeed. Students in grades nine and ten will complete compulsory courses required to earn their Ontario Secondary School Diploma and then enter one of the pathways in grade eleven focusing on preparation for study at the universities in their chosen field.

New Renaissance Academy is also unique in providing its Secondary School Program on-site and on-line, leading to earning an Ontario Secondary School Diploma. Students in our On-line Program may take courses wherever and whenever it is convenient for them.

Why Study In Canada

Canada consistently ranks as one of the best countries in the world—and is currently the #1 best country for quality of life[2]. Study in Canada, and you’ll receive an internationally recognized education from some of the top educators and academics in the world.

What are the benefits for international students studying in Canada? Many! Whether you choose to study in one of our large, vibrant cities or settle on a small campus in a warm, welcoming community, your experience will be one that will shape your life. It may lead to a career and a future in Canada, or better career prospects at home. At the very least, it will give you access to our four beautiful seasons, wide-open spaces, abundant wildlife, multicultural diversity, clean environment and incredible quality of life.

Discover the Canadian difference. International students are welcome to study in Canada.


Why choose Canada?


For decades, we’ve welcomed international students from around the globe. Through them, we’ve discovered there’s plenty to love about Canada. Here are some of the many benefits of making Canada your education destination:


You’ll learn with the best and brightest


Canada is recognized worldwide for our outstanding quality of education—from elementary school to post-secondary studies. Our educators are highly trained and bring diverse perspectives to the classroom. At the university level, 2 out of every 5 academics hold at least one international degree. And we have 10 of the top 250 universities worldwide[3]. In our opinion, there’s no better place to learn!


We’ll welcome you with open arms


We’re proud to say that the ‘warm and friendly’ stereotype about Canadians is true. When you come to Canada, you’ll find a welcoming country, with a unique Canadian culture, that embraces diversity. From urban centres to small towns, Canada is considered one of the safest countries in the world for international students.


Our quality of life ranks highest in the world


If you’re looking for the high life, we have it. Canadians and international students in Canada enjoy a high standard of living. It’s a great place to live and work. In fact, we rank #2 in the world when it comes to quality of life. According to the World University Rankings, we also have 5 of the top 100 best student cities in the world[4]. Now that’s something to write home about!


We’ll set you on the path to a promising future


We like to study too. In fact, we’ve researched graduate outcomes for our students—both domestic and international—for years. And you know what we’ve learned? Canadian college and university students graduate with a strong earning potential. That’s because we position them (and you) for a successful future and rewarding careers. In the last decade alone, Canada created 1.6 million new jobs for graduates[5].


The cost to study and live here is affordable


Canada is known for having some of the lowest university tuition fees among English-speaking countries. Whatever your budget may be, you’ll find something just right for you in our diverse range of education options. Research the cost of post-secondary programs and living expenses in the city or town of your choice so you can prepare your budget. We’ll offer you an experience like no other.


Adventure awaits you in Canada! One of the greatest things about studying in Canada is the opportunity to experience a climate, culture and way of life that is beyond compare. From seeing the vibrant colours of our autumn leaves to the soft sounds of snowshoeing through the forest, each season and place has so much to offer. Come experience Canada and find out why there’s so much to love about us.

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