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What Is New Renaissance Academy On-line Program?

New Renaissance Academy On-line Program offers fully online synchronous and asynchronous OOSD (Ontario Secondary School Diploma) credit courses to students all over the world. Students in our On-Line Program may take courses from home, school or other facility. There is no need to attend New Renaissance Academy itself. International students taking an on-line course study from home do not need a visa or study permit to take courses on-line. Successful students will earn a credit for each course taken and the courses will carry the same value as an on-site course and be recognized as such by colleges and universities. The length of time to complete courses is flexible, where students learn at their own pace. 

What Are The Advantages Of Our On-line Program?

  • Continuous enrolment, start whenever or wherever you are 
  • 24/7 access from anywhere in the world 
  • Engaging curriculum with differentiated instruction 
  • Individualized approach to learning to achieve success and independence 
  • Students take responsibility for their own learning 
  • Flexible on-line learning opportunities 
  • Individualized attention from the teaching staff 
  • Quick marking turnaround time
  • We accommodate students who are missing one or two credits to graduate
  • We accommodate students who are missing for university/college entrance
  • Supportive staff to answer questions you may have

Who Can Take The Course?

New Renaissance Academy On-line Program is a year-round program. Anyone who wishes to take our on-line courses can register any day of the year. The staff will contact the students and place them into our courses within 3 business days. All our courses are online, including homework and exams. No matter where you are in the world, we are one click away.

How Does It Works?

New Renaissance Academy offers free online tutoring for how our online courses work. Once you have registered, you can watch our online video on how to navigate our online platform.

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